University Of Cantabria

UC participates in 70 project of the EU FP7 and Horizon2020 for R+I and in 22 more from other funding schemes (LIFE, INTERREG, RFCS). UC is assisted in the management of these projects by the Offices of European & International Projects, Transfer of Research, capitalization and communication service.

UC  acts as leader of the HYLANTIC project being responsible. UC  coordinate and take care the team, ensure the proper execution of all planned activities and the financial performance.

The University of Cantabria team has a great experience working on

  •  Advanced treatments of industrial effluents, regeneration and reutilization of waters.
  •  Innovative gas purification processes (H2)
  • Development of advanced materials for H2 generation.
  • Implementation of technology (fuel cell and engines) fueled by H2.
  •  Process and Product Sustainability through Life Cycle Thinking.
  • Simulation and optimization of Chemical Processes.
  •  Valorization of CO2 into high added value products by applying electro-reduction processes.



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