Members of Auriga presented the case for “Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Maritime Applications” at Lloyd´s Maritime Academy “Electric & Hybrid Propulsion Seminar”, that took place in October 2018.

Congress: CHEMPOR 2018

D.L. Silva, H. X. Nunes, C.M. Rangel, A. M. F. R. Pinto, researchers from U Porto and LNEG presented their contributions “Catalytic hydrolysis of sodium borohydride for Hydrogen synthesis: Study of reaction by-products” and “The effect of Ni-Ru suported catalyst on sodium borohydride catalytic hydrolysis for Hydrogen generation”, in the 13 International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference – Chempor 2018, celebrated in Aveiro (Portugal) on October 4-8, 2018.

Congress: ISFEH 9

M. Dadashzadeh and D. Makarov, from Ulster University will present their work “Modelling of hydrogen tank fuelling”, in the 9th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards – ISFEH 9, that will take place in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on April 2019.

Scientific Publication

Dublin City University (DCU) team has recently public their work Hydrogen-generating Ru/Pt bimetallic photocatalysts base don phpenyl-phenanthroline peripheral ligands, in the journal ChemPhysChem, as a result of their researchers in the frame of the european project HYLANTIC.


Participation in Dissemination Activities

Last October 23rd, 2018 Gema Pérez, researcher of the European project “Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to Promote High Energy Efficiency – HYLANTIC”, was interviewed by the local newspaper “El Diario Montañés”, within more researchers of the University of Cantabria, in relation with their contributions to the science dissemination activities.



On September 28th, 2018 the European Researchers Night took place. HYLANTIC project was present during the event organized by the University of Cantabria at the Porticada Square in Santander. Rafael ortiz, researcher of the University of Cantabria team, presented the poster to the audience and delivered the project brochure to contribute to the difussion activities of the project.