Ulster University – Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research Centre (HySAFER)

Hydrogen Safety Engineering and Research Centre (HySAFER) at Ulster University carries out fundamental and industry-driven research, consultancy, knowledge and technology transfer in the area of safety science and engineering, primarily hydrogen technologies. HySAFER has experience in addressing knowledge gaps and technological bottlenecks in hydrogen safety research and research-led education. It is internationally recognised with external funding from prestigious research funding agencies exceeding €6.5M.

Ulster (HySAFER) coordinated and contributed to 23 major European projects related to hydrogen safety, i.e. European NoE HySafe, HyCourse, HySAFEST, HYPER, TrainHy, HyFacts, HyIndoor, H2FC (www.h2fc.eu), HyResponse, SUSANA, TeacHy, PRESLHY, NET-Tools, etc. HySAFER champions hydrogen safety research in the UK through EPSRC SUPERGEN H2FC Hub project. Member of 9 international conference committees, 4 journal editorial boards.

Ulster is one of the founder of International Association for Hydrogen Safety (Prov Molkov chairs Educational Committee), member of IEA HIA Task 37 Hydrogen Safety; ISO/TC 197 Hydrogen Technologies; CEN/CENELEC/TC 6 Hydrogen in Energy Systems; UN IWR SGS of GRT#13; National Fire Protection Association , Explosion Protection Committee (USA); Hydrogen Europe Research (HER); European Hydrogen Safety Panel; Working Groups Transport Pillar and Cross-Cutting Research Activities of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU), Strategic Consultation Group “Regulations Codes and Standards” (RCS SCG) of FCH 2 JU; etc.

In HYLANTIC project HySAFER will coordinate WP5 “Innovative and safe hydrogen storage systems”, organise international school “Progress in Hydrogen Safety”, develop and test prototype of explosion-free in a fire tank,  and contribute to safety aspects throughout the project.


Web site: www.ulster.ac.uk/research/institutes/built-environment/centres/hydrogensafety-engineering

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