The National Laboratory for Energy and Geology (LNEG) is a State laboratory of the Ministry of Economy that engages in R&D oriented to the needs of society and enterprises. Investing in a sustainable research, along with the international best practices, ensures that its areas of expertise allow an adequate response to the needs of the business sector, so positioning as an active partner of the major networks and collaborative platforms in the areas of Energy and Geology. The activity is materialized through RD&I projects at National, European and International levels; provision of services and contracts to Industry and to the State itself providing expertise, advice and assessment, also acting as a qualified participant in designing public policies in the area of Energy Technologies. LNEG was awarded with the “HR Excellence in Research” Logo from the European Commission.

As partner in the HYLANTIC project and through the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen facilities existing at LNEG/UER it is aimed to achieve key sustainable goals in renewable hydrogen production.

Apart from engaging in the Coordination, Dissemination and Capitalization activities, LNEG takes part in:

  • Demonstrating the valorization of different waste water streams across the AA, through the application of innovative catalysts for renewable Hydrogen production, using a photocatalytic processes,
  • Aiding prototype design of PEM water electrolyzers through definition of the lifetime and so support AA stakeholders to improve the technology,
  • Contributing to the state-of-the-art analysis for safer and more efficient Hydrogen systems and infrastructures in the AA.
  • Contributing to the design and development of a new pilot scale catalytic reactor able to produce H2, based on models for heat, water and reactant optimal management,
  • Designing a custom electronic monitoring and control system followed by reactor integration and testing so to allow continuous on-demand safe production of Hydrogen for Marine PEM fuel cells applications.


Web site: http://www.lneg.pt/

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